Having a thorough knowledge of the needs of all parties to a dispute, Mr. Feher has repeatedly developed creative approaches to resolve difficult matters and thrives on the challenge. Mr. Feher has been a speaker and moderator on a variety of topics covering civil practice, employment law, wage and hour, law management and professional liability.

Mr. Feher has had a broad-based litigation practice including:

  • Simple to complex employment disputes (employment discrimination, retaliation sexual harassment, labor, wage and hour, class action and PAGA)
  • Corporate and partnership disputes
  • Probate and trust litigation
  • Personal injury
  • Commercial litigation
  • Professional liability and health care-related litigation
  • Real estate disputes
  • Construction litigation
  • Disputes involving public entities (civil rights and employment claims)
  • Agriculture litigation
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Our services offer focused mediation with an eye for creative approaches and solutions for settlement by an experienced seasoned litigator, mediator and settlement officer. Mr. Feher has decades of experience handling and a broad array of civil litigation including employment disputes, class actions, PAGA, personal injury, business and contract disputes, probate and trust matters, real estate, and civil rights. Mediations include pre-mediation preparation, post-mediation consultation and follow up which are often keys to facilitating successful outcomes on challenging cases. Mediations are available in person and virtually.


While settlement of disputes is the focus of our dispute resolution services, there are cases that require a forum to adjudicate matters other than the court system for which arbitration services are available. Arbitration is a streamlined private form of litigation and tends to be a less intimidating processes for the parties and for their attorneys. Arbitration is often more efficient and cost-effective with a determination and judgment issued well before most cases can go to trial.


Parties or the court may require the services of a referee whether for trial of some aspect of a matter or for limited purposes such as a discovery dispute for which services can be provided. Using a referee can be a valuable tool for timely and cost-effective resolution of certain disputes.


Whether it is pre-litigation or during the pendency of a case, it can be helpful to the attorneys and the litigates to obtain a confidential evaluation of a case or second look at issues from an experienced litigator and neutral. Neutral case evaluation, case strategy and other litigation consultation is available.